ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Crestec was founded in 1984 in Japan and currently with offices around the world including USA, Germany, Russia and other Asian countries. The site in Dongguan has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and mainly supplies printed materials for packaging of electronic products. The site in Suzhou is mainly responsible for packaging materials of pharmaceutical products.

In recent years, we are eager and dedicated to develop business opportunities in the field of pharmaceutical industry. In order to fulfill the requirements per the industry guidance from Hong Kong Department of Health on GMP for the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products, we Implement the quality control planning of WI-QC088-A and WI-QC015-D for quality check criteria on labels and printing procedures respectively. The sampling plan is also based on MIL-STD-105E standard at different levels dependent on the type of printed materials.

We are welcome for any possibilities to realize your ideas through our cooperation and were found to be considered as a qualified packaging materials supplier without any CAPAs needed.

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