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Food products have ample of nutrition information, and while the information is vast it is important for manufacturers to use nutrition labels to share the nutrition information with consumers. Consumers nowadays are more aware and cautious about the food they eat, therefore a legible and durable food nutrition label with vital information of the product is key in helping consumers make knowledgeable decisions.

In Hong Kong, nutrition label are known to be “7+1” which means it must include the content information of seven nutrients required for labelling plus the energy content. The seven nutrients that must be included in the nutrition label are protein, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrates, sugars and sodium.

Label Express offers a Design Editing Panel that provides 3 types of legible food nutrition table template which will help you complete your nutrition label design. Simply fill in the necessary information, and our system will create the nutrition label for you. Upload your design and place an order online with just a few steps, your labels will be shipped within 5 working days. Please visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our Design Editing Panel.

For food quality testing and food nutrition analysis, please contact food testing centers. There are several food testing centers in Hong Kong, and here is our recommended list:

STC Group


SGS Group

Foodscan analytics ltd

Eurofins Food Testing

CMA Testing

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