Food Packaging Labels and Frozon Food Labels

Food Label & Frozen Food Label
Food labels and frozen food labels are required for pre-packaged and fresh food sold in Hong Kong. Under the Food and Drugs Regulations, unless exempt, food and frozen food are required to have the following information in English or Chinese or in both languages on the label of the prepackaged food item: 
1. Name of the Food
2. List of Ingredients
3. Indication of “use by”” or “best before” date
4. Statement of Special Condition for Storage or Instruction for Use
5. Name and Address of Manufacturer of Packer
6. Count, Weight or Volume of Food 
This information must be presented clearly using a Food Label, Frozen Food Label or sticker. Some of the information must strictly following a format, such as the “best before” or “use by” dates are used differently and must be applied accordingly. Food labels and Frozen Food labels must present correct information as incorrect labeling or false labeling can lead to prosecution from the department of Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance. Any food label or frozen food label that either 
a) Falsely describes the food 
b) Calculated to mislead its substance, quality, or nature 
can be guilty of an offence which upon conviction can be liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and 6 months imprisonment. 
While the requirements for food labels and frozen food labels may seem daunting, Label express is here to assist you with your food label and frozen food label or sticker needs. We offer a one stop shop solution for you to not only tailor food labels in required formats, but also make recommendations to which labels or stickers will best suit your needs. 
Frozen Food Product Labels 
A quality Frozen Food Label is essential for frozen food items. Label Express offers a variety of food-safe labeling products that can endure moisture and frost. Clients in the frozen food industry are all familiar with the difficulty of keeping the labels stay put on frozen foods like meat, seafood, and poultry that are stored between 0 and negative 5 degrees Celsius. Label Express specializes in printing high quality stickers and labels for frozen foods, so we can help you manage your labelling needs no matter how moist or cold the unit needs to be stored. Our sticker products for frozen or deep frozen foods can be shared with a selection of paper and filmic face materials. Speak to our frozen food label specialist today and let us handle all your food labelling needs. Here are some common questions our customers ask us regarding frozen food product labelling: 
• What type of freezer label do I need? 
• How can we make sure the labels don’t fall off? 
• Paper or Polyester?
• Does reducing the moisture help keep the stickers on? 
• Do I need paper labels with removable adhesive for my frozen food product?